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Transform Photos into Sparkling Masterpieces

Handcrafted with meticulous precision, our diamond paintings breathe life into your memories, creating shimmering heirlooms to captivate hearts and transcend time. Our artistic process adds a sparkling touch, infusing each image with brilliance and charm. Witness the magic as captured moments come to life in a dazzling display of one-of-a-kind treasure.

Memories that Sparkle

Whether you're searching for the perfect personalized gift, seeking to enhance your space with exquisite wall dΓ©cor, or aiming to make a bold statement through creativity, diamond painting offers a versatile canvas for self-expression.

Transform any image, any idea, into a vibrant explosion of pixels, bringing your vision to life in dazzling, handcrafted brilliance.

Pixelated Puzzles : Your Diamond Painting FAQs

Diamond Painting – General Questions

Diamond painting is a creative craft where tiny resin diamonds, beads, or rhinestones are placed on a coded adhesive canvas to create intricate and sparkling designs.

But at Yertoo, we take it to the next level. We weave your cherished moments into shimmering tapestries of light, creating personalized masterpieces that spark joy and elevate your space. Imagine your wedding photo gleaming on your wall, every laugh and tear catching the sun like a thousand tiny rainbows. Or picture your family portrait, transformed into a symphony of sparkle, forever frozen in a moment of love. This is Yertoo – where memories become art, crafted to shine in every corner of your life.
Diamond painting is like paint-by-numbers for grown-ups, but with way more sparkle! Each tiny resin gem finds its home on the canvas, guided by a secret code, bringing your masterpiece to life with shimmering elegance.

But want to unleash your creativity without deciphering complex color charts? Enter Yertoo. We said goodbye to DMC color charts! Our proprietary process transforms your photos into vibrant mosaics, bursting with personality, thanks to a curated palette that lets your memories shine in nuanced harmony. It's a unique approach that makes creating your own sparkling masterpiece easier and more delightful than ever. Ready to discover the Yertoo magic? Explore our stunning gallery or contact us today to start crafting your personal diamond story today!
All these terms – diamond painting, diamond art, gem painting, and diamond dotz – refer to the same captivating craft where you create intricate artworks by placing tiny gems on a canvas. While the names may differ slightly in emphasis, they all capture the joy of bringing shimmering mosaics to life.

At Yertoo, we take this artistry a step further. We transform your treasured photos into personalized diamond masterpieces that spark emotions and illuminate your space. With Yertoo, diamond painting isn't just a hobby; it's a way to celebrate what matters most.
5D Diamond Painting refers to the use of multi-faceted diamonds to add depth and dimension to the finished artwork. Imagine your artwork dancing with light, each tiny diamond catching the rays and shimmering with depth. Forget flat canvases – in 5D, your memories burst to life with mesmerizing textures and mesmerizing realism.
Forget bling on your fingers, these diamonds bring sparkle to your walls! Both 3D and 5D diamonds turn blank canvases into shimmering masterpieces, but the real magic lies in their hidden powers - the facets.

A diamond facet isn't just any flat surface on the gem. It's like a meticulously planned window, designed to capture and scatter light in a way that makes diamonds sparkle like they do. Imagine tiny mirrors carefully angled throughout the stone, each one reflecting and refracting light in different directions. That's essentially what a facet does!

1) Shape: Facets can be triangular, square, or even diamond-shaped, each contributing to the overall sparkle and pattern of the gem.

2) Angles: The precise angles of each facet are crucial. They determine how light enters and exits the diamond, creating that brilliant "fire" you see. Think of it like a prism, bending and splitting light into a rainbow of colors.

3) Number: Different cuts of diamonds have different numbers of facets. The more facets, the more opportunities for light to play, so the brighter and more dazzling the stone appears. For example, a round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets, while an emerald cut has 50.

Coming back to diamond painting:

3D diamonds: Have three facets on each side, totaling nine facets per diamond. They create a basic shimmer and add some texture to the finished artwork.

5D diamonds: Have five facets on each side, totaling fifteen facets per diamond. They catch light more intricately, creating a dazzling sparkle and enhanced depth and realism in the artwork.
No time for DIY? At Yertoo, you receive fully-crafted, personalized diamond paintings, ready to add instant sparkle and joy to your space. Skip the hours of placing diamonds and jump straight to the satisfaction – your memories, transformed into dazzling masterpieces.
Imagine searching high and low for the exact shade of sunset orange for your beach photo diamond painting... DMC saves the day! It's like a color passport, ensuring your chosen hues translate perfectly from chart to canvas.

DMC is a reference to the standardized color coding system used in various crafts, including diamond painting, to ensure consistency in color identification.
The prices differ depending on the size, intricacy, and customization of the diamond painting. For instance, even if the canvas size remains constant (e.g., 12 inches x 12 inches), the quantity of crystals required for crafting will be influenced by the size of the crystals (2mm crystals will require more time compared to 4mm crystals). Hence, both the canvas size and crystal dimensions are pivotal factors as each piece is meticulously handcrafted. The minimum time required for the smallest size is two weeks.

Diamond Painting – Personalization Questions

Forget generic wall art! Custom diamond painting lets you tell your unique story. From cherished family moments to breathtaking landscapes, anything can be transformed into a sparkling masterpiece that reflects your spirit.

Custom diamond painting involves transforming your chosen photo or image into a unique and personalized piece of art.
Yes, framing is a wonderful way to showcase and enhance the presentation of your completed diamond painting.

Framing takes your diamond painting from dazzling creation to museum-worthy exhibit. Imagine it, shimmering under the gallery lights, captivating everyone who walks by.
A size for every story! Whether you crave a charming 12x12 vignette for your bookshelf or dream of a grand portrait spanning your living room wall, Yertoo lets you tailor your diamond painting to your space and spirit. Let a small canvas add a touch of twinkle to a corner, or unleash your inner Michelangelo with a masterpiece that becomes the centerpiece of your home or office. So, without size constraints, find the perfect match for your cherished moment, and watch your memories come alive in a symphony of shimmering diamonds.
Tiny twinkles or wall-spanning wonders? At Yertoo, we cater to all diamond painting dreams, from pocket-sized treasures to living room-dominating masterpieces! So, whether you crave a cozy desk companion or a dazzling conversation starter, we've got the perfect canvas size for your sparkling story.
Forget just sparkle, choose your intensity! Yertoo offers diamonds in all sizes, from the delicate shimmer of 2mm gems to the fiery dance of 6mm brilliance. Picture your beloved pet, their eyes twinkling with 2mm diamonds, or imagine your wedding photo blazing with the bold sparkle of 6mm crystals. Each size tells a different story, each diamond a shimmering chapter. So, explore our options, tell us your vision, and let your masterpiece shine with the perfect sparkle!
Each Yertoo diamond painting is a labor of love, meticulously hand-crafted to bring your memories to life. For the smallest size, it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to weave your story in glittering threads. But remember, the wait is worth it for a masterpiece made with dedication and sparkling with your story!
Yes, Yertoo provides instructions for submitting high-quality photos to ensure the best possible outcome. We're here to help!

Contact our friendly team for personalized guidance to ensure your diamond painting sparkles with all its brilliance.
Absolutely! Yertoo loves transforming any cherished memory into a sparkling masterpiece, no matter the theme! Here are some exciting options to explore:

Personalized Gifts For Her:

Wedding Day Bliss: Relive the magic of your big day, from the breathtaking first look to the tearful first dance, immortalized in shimmering diamonds. Imagine her eyes sparkling with joy as she sees your love story reborn in dazzling mosaic.

Pet Portraits: Capture the quirky charm of your furry friend, big or small, in a diamond painting that shines with their unique personality. A mischievous wink, a playful paw, or a heartwarming cuddle – every adorable detail becomes a twinkling gemstone.

Spa-tastic Serenity: Create a haven of zen with a diamond painting showcasing a serene mountain vista, a calming seascape, or a lush garden paradise. Let the stress melt away as she surrounds herself with the tranquil sparkle of nature.

Personalized Gifts For Him:

Epic Adventures: From conquering majestic mountains to exploring bustling cityscapes, Yertoo lets him relive his favorite travel memories in a dazzling diamond painting. Each pixel becomes a souvenir, forever capturing the thrill of discovery.

Sports Fanaticism: Ignite his passion for the game with a personalized diamond painting of his favorite sports team, athlete, or iconic stadium. Celebrate victory moments and legendary plays, letting the spirit of the game shine in his home.

Garage Glitz: Transform his favorite car, motorcycle, or even his prized toolbox into a sparkling masterpiece. A testament to his passion and a unique addition to his man cave, radiating with the brilliance of his love for all things mechanical.

Personalized Gifts for Couples' Celebrations:

Love Story Mosaic: Weave your love story through the years in a stunning diamond painting. From that first spark to the milestones you've shared, let each moment illuminate your journey together with a touch of sparkling magic.

Family Fun: Capture the joy of family life, from a heartwarming picnic in the park to a mischievous snowball fight, in a vibrant diamond painting. Each twinkle holds a precious memory, forever reminding you of the laughter and love shared.

Home Sweet Home: Celebrate the warmth and comfort of your shared space with a diamond painting of your cozy living room, cherished backyard, or any place that embodies your love. A glowing reminder of the haven you've built together.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to spark your imagination! With Yertoo, the possibilities are as endless as your memories. So, choose your theme, unleash your creativity, and let your story shine!

Don't forget, Yertoo's Diamond Painting is a unique personalized gift :

Surprise your significant other with a dazzling masterpiece on their birthday or anniversary.

Make a housewarming gift truly unforgettable with a diamond painting of their new home.

Celebrate achievements, milestones, and cherished moments with a unique and sparkling token of your love and appreciation.

With its ability to transform any theme into a dazzling work of art, Yertoo offers the perfect personalized gift for every occasion, making memories sparkle from generation to generation.
We can turn any photo into a diamond painting masterpiece. But, there's a secret. At Yertoo, we've mastered the art of vibrant masterpieces with a surprisingly limited color palette. How? Our proprietary process unlocks hidden potential in each shade, creating depth and detail that defy expectations.

Yertoo's unique color palette creates a sense of exclusivity, making your personalized diamond painting even more special and cherished. Own a piece of art that stands apart from the mass-produced, color-saturated crowd.

Diamond Painting – Ideas

From dazzling wall art to personalized gifts and beyond, your finished diamond painting can become a glittering centerpiece in your home, office, or even public spaces. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, so unleash your inner artist and let your memories shine!
Personal moments: Forget predictable presents! Diamond Paintings let you weave magic into any special occasion, from weddings sparkling with first dance memories to birthdays illuminated by childhood laughter. Capture a shared adventure, a heartwarming milestone, or simply a cherished team moment – every pixel becomes a personalized story, shimmering with emotions.

Corporate celebrations: Beyond personal celebrations, Diamond Paintings bring sparkle to the professional world. Create unique and thoughtful corporate gifts for clients, partners, or employees. Surprise a top performer with a diamond painting of their dream project, gift a team a sparkling representation of their shared goals, or commemorate a company milestone with a dazzling centerpiece for the office.

Every Diamond Painting is more than a gift; it's a sparkling memory, a personalized story, and a piece of magic that shines forever. So, unleash your creativity, capture the essence of any occasion, and let your memories, passions, and successes illuminate the world with the brilliance of a Diamond Painting.
Forget predictable presents, unleash a dazzling surprise! Your personalized diamond painting transforms a cherished memory into a shimmering masterpiece, ready to ignite joy in the hearts of your loved ones. Imagine capturing their dream destination, a heartwarming family moment, or even a mischievous pet portrait in sparkling pixels. Every twinkle whispers, "I thought of you," transforming a gift into a personalized story that shines forever.

Think beyond birthdays and holidays! Celebrate achievements, milestones, or simply say "thank you" with a diamond painting that reflects their passions, hobbies, or even their fur-ever friend. Imagine a child's eyes sparkling with wonder at their superhero portrait, a grandparent's face lighting up at a childhood memory brought back to life, or a friend feeling seen and appreciated with a representation of their beloved hobby. Your gift becomes more than just an object; it becomes a sparkling testament to your love, care, and understanding.

Beyond personal connections, consider the sparkle you can bring to professional relationships. Surprise a colleague with a diamond painting of a shared success, gift a client a unique representation of your collaboration, or thank a mentor with a shimmering image of their guiding wisdom. Each pixel becomes a bridge, expressing gratitude, fostering connection, and leaving a lasting impression that shines brighter than any generic token.

So, whether it's a birthday surprise, a heartfelt thank you, or a professional gesture of appreciation, unleash the magic of your personalized diamond painting. Let it weave stories, spark emotions, and illuminate the lives of those who matter most. Remember, in this world of mass-produced trinkets, a gift crafted with love and personalized with sparkling memories is the one that truly shines.

Happy crafting and happy gifting!


From ordinary walls to dazzling galleries: Elevate your home decor with a masterpiece crafted from your memories. Imagine a family vacation shimmering above the fireplace, a cherished pet portrait catching the sun in your bedroom, or a serene landscape calming your living room with its sparkling tranquility. Every corner becomes a canvas for your story, told in glittering pixels that radiate love and joy.

More than just a picture, it's a portal: Turn your diamond painting into a window to your happiest moments. A first kiss rekindles the spark, a childhood adventure awakens your inner child, a breathtaking travel memory transports you back to that golden sunset. Each shimmer becomes a gateway to cherished times, forever bringing a smile to your face.


Ditch the bland, embrace the brilliant: Spark creativity and inspiration in your workspace with a personalized diamond painting. A team portrait radiating your shared goals, a company logo transformed into a symbol of success, or a motivational quote shimmering with empowerment – every pixel becomes a source of energy, driving you and your colleagues forward.

Turn workdays into mini-vacations: Escape the cubicle blues with a glimpse of your personal paradise. Let a tropical beach scene soothe your stress, a mountain vista recharge your spirit, or a funny inside joke with your coworker bring a playful sparkle to your day. Your diamond painting becomes an oasis of calm and joy, reminding you what you're working towards.

Remember, your personalized diamond painting is more than just art; it's a reflection of your life, your passions, and your dreams. Whether it's a cherished memory that warms your heart or a motivational image that fuels your ambitions, let it shine in your space, turning ordinary walls into windows of wonder and reminding you that every day is a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.

Happy crafting and happy decorating!
Forget cookie-cutter experiences! Customized diamond paintings offer a unique and vibrant way to elevate your shop, retail establishment, or any public or private space, creating a differentiated haven that ignites the senses and sparks lasting memories.

Remember, the possibilities are endless! Customized diamond paintings are more than just art; they're portals to emotions, sparks of creativity, and bridges to connection. So, unlock their potential and let them weave magic into your space, setting you apart and leaving a lasting impression that truly shines.

Embrace the sparkle, unleash the possibilities, and watch your space come alive with the power of personalized diamond paintings!

Diamond Painting – Quality

Yertoo uses high-quality materials, including durable canvas and sparkling diamonds, to ensure the longevity and brilliance of your diamond painting.

We keep adding more options for vibrancy and diversity. If you crave a specific sparkle, drop us a line – let's craft your masterpiece together!
Forget fleeting trends, your crystal diamond painting is built to last! With proper care and framing, it can become a cherished heirloom, its sparkling pixels illuminating memories for generations to come.
Rest assured, your diamond's glitter is in good hands! High-quality diamond paintings use specially crafted resin squares that resist fading and dust, preserving their sparkle for years to come. Think of them as tiny, sun-resistant gems, ready to keep your masterpieces beaming with every pixel.

Of course, a little TLC goes a long way. Frame your artwork with archival materials, keep it out of direct sunlight and moisture, and it'll keep dazzling you and future generations.

So, relax, craft with confidence, and enjoy the timeless sparkle of your diamond painting masterpiece!
Rest assured, your sparkling masterpiece is built to last! Every single diamond and canvas component undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure its durability and dazzling shine. Think of it as a mini obstacle course for sparkles, guaranteeing they're ready to weather the years in style.

But even the most meticulous crafting can encounter the occasional hiccup. If a diamond ever seems a little loose, fret not! We've got you covered with our warranty against any manufacturing mishaps.
Ditch the color code confusion! Our diamond painting is all about effortless sparkle. We use a specially curated palette, brimming with vibrant hues, that unlocks the magic hidden in every pixel.

Diamond Painting – Maintenance

Absolutely! Your personalized masterpiece deserves peace of mind. While we take every step to ensure quality, we offer a limited-time warranty against any manufacturing defects. So, if any unexpected sparkles go astray, simply reach out to our friendly customer service team. They'll be happy to help and make sure your diamond painting continues to dazzle for years to come.
Keep your sparkler shining! Caring for your personalized diamond art is easy, and it ensures your masterpiece keeps dazzling for years to come. Here's the magic touch:

Light loves its shade: While natural light enhances your art, direct sunlight can fade the colors. Find a sweet spot out of strong beams to keep your sparkles vibrant.

Clean hands, happy canvas: Oils and dirt can attract dust and dull the shine. So, give your hands a quick wash before crafting or gently whisk away any specks with a soft, dry brush.

Dust with a whisper: Even the gentlest breeze can send sparkles on a wild ride. Invest in a soft, static-free duster or feather brush to gently sweep away dust without disturbing the tiny treasures.

Frame for forever: Framing your artwork provides extra protection and elevates it to masterpiece status. Choose archival materials for long-lasting beauty.

Moisture matters: Humidity can be the enemy of sparkle. Keep your art away from damp places like bathrooms or kitchens.

Remember, a little care goes a long way! By following these simple tips, your personalized diamond art will continue to be a radiant reminder of your creative joy and shine brightly for generations to come.
Sparkling secrets revealed! Caring for your personalized diamond art doesn't need a magical toolbox. Some basic tools will keep your masterpiece shimmering for generations:

The gentle giant: A soft, static-free dust brush is your best friend. Think feather-light strokes to whisk away any dust bunnies without disturbing your tiny treasures.

TLC in hand: Clean, dry hands are your most versatile tool. Before crafting or handling your artwork, give them a quick wash to avoid transferring oils or dirt that can attract dust and dull the sparkle.

Frame for fame: Think of a frame as a shield of love! Choose frames to protect your art from dust, moisture, and fading. It elevates your masterpiece to museum-worthy status while keeping it safe.

Humidity watch: Dampness can be the enemy of sparkle. Keep your artwork away from humid areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Think sunny, dry havens for maximum shine!

Remember, sometimes the simplest tools work best. With a little love and attention, your personalized diamond art will continue to be a radiant source of joy, sparkling brightly for years to come.

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