Kinetic Art

Kinetic art is a type of art that involves movement, either as a central element of the work or as a result of viewer interaction. It can include a variety of mediums, such as sculpture, sound, and video, and often involves the use of technology, such as motors, sensors, and computer programming.

Kinetic art often seeks to engage the viewer in a multi-sensory experience and may challenge traditional notions of art and exhibition. It can be exhibited in a variety of settings, including galleries, museums, public spaces, and online platforms.

Sound Installation Art & Natural Environment

70 Sound installation art and the natural environment scaled

Sound installation art is a form of art that utilizes sound as its primary medium, and can take many forms, including sound sculptures, interactive installations, and immersive auditory environments. Sound installation art has the unique ability to create immersive and engaging experiences that can transport the viewer into a different […]

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