Interior Design Wall Art

Wall art is an important element of interior design that can add character, color, and interest to a space. It can include a variety of art forms, such as paintings, photographs, murals, and sculptures.

In interior design, wall art is used to complement and enhance the overall design of a space. It should be chosen and placed carefully to create a cohesive look and feel, while also considering the size, scale, and placement of the art relative to the other elements in the room.

Designing a Floor Plan for a Home Office

floor plan for a home office scaled

Designing a floor plan for a home office can be a challenging but rewarding task. A well-designed home office can provide a comfortable and functional space for you to work, while also fitting seamlessly into the overall design of your home.

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Pushpin Art – Show-off your Personality & Interests

Pushpin Art

Pushpin art can also be a great way to show off your personality and interests. By choosing colors and patterns that reflect your style and interests, you can create a pushpin art display that is uniquely you.

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Paper Art – Low-cost and Environmentally Friendly

35 Paper Art scaled

Paper art is a type of art that involves creating sculptures, decorations, and other creative designs using paper as the primary material. This can include techniques such as folding, cutting, and shaping paper to create a wide range of artistic forms.

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Wood Art – Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Installation Art Work

Wood art is a term that refers to any type of art or craft that is made using wood as the primary material. This could include sculptures, carvings, woodturning, furniture making, and many other forms of artistic expression.

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Wall Art – Add Visual Interest to Space

Canvas on Wall 1 scaled

Wall art refers to any decorative item that can be hung on a wall. This can include paintings, photographs, posters, prints, and other types of visual artwork.

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Vinyl Wall Art – Affordable & Easy

Wall Posters 2 scaled

Vinyl wall art refers to decorative elements that are made from vinyl and applied to walls in the form of stickers, decals, or murals.

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Museum Glass – Branding & Printing

28 Museum Glass Branding scaled

Museum glass is typically made of a high-quality, transparent material that blocks UV light and reduces glare, making it ideal for displaying artworks.

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Frosted Film – Popular Choice for Glass

Glass Partition 1

Frosted film is a type of film that has a matte finish and a frosted or opaque appearance. It is often used on windows or other glass surfaces to provide privacy or to add a decorative touch.

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Office Interior Design – For a Successful & Productive Workplace

Office Interior Design scaled

First and foremost, a good design can positively impact the productivity and morale of the employees who work in the office.

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Space Design – Improve Aesthetics & Functionality

Space Design scaled

Space design refers to the practice of designing and creating physical spaces. Good space design can also improve the aesthetic appeal & the functionality of a space.

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