"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."
Mary Lou Cook
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The idea for Yertoo germinated from two questions:

– why should art be restricted to museums and a few?

– can latest technologies help create novel mediums and innovative designs for a wider use?

From our start in 2021, at Bengaluru India, Yertoo has been on a mission to find novel mediums and unique designs to transform spaces. 

Why spaces? Because, one of the most under-utilised branding opportunity is the physical space. A company’s branding can extend beyond marketing, brochures, and advertising. 

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Vijay serves as the founder and CEO. Vijay has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, marketing, and branding. Vijay is an engineering graduate from NIT Jamshedpur.

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Rupangi serves as the Director of Design. Rupangi has done her Masters in Advanced Computing & Multimedia from University of Bristol, UK.

"...the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently."
Steve Jobs

Our customers are the round pegs in a square hole. They don’t want to be ordinary and boring, but bold and daring. They stay ahead in the marketplace by setting high standards and benchmarks. They are the visionaries who transform their physical space into a compelling and evocative brand narrative.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."
Steve Forbes

Yertoo is your pixie dust for all space design, branding, and execution needs.

Whether your space is an office, commercial establishment, or your home, we offer end-to-end, fully-managed, and risk-mitigated results.

Till date, our sweat, blood, and magic have gone into 200,000+ square feet of lovingly designed spaces across many industry segments.

Take a pause and look around. You are surrounded by physical objects and space.

A company’s branding need not be restricted to marketing, brochures, and advertising. Space is another opportunity to drive your brand goals.


The size of your space doesn’t matter. Branding can be applied everywhere – offices, factories, shop floors, commercial & community spaces, residences, and event venues.


Talk to us today to transform your space with a compelling and evocative brand narrative.


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    Elevate your space from the mundane to the exceptional with bespoke installation art.

    Unleash your creativity without constraints. Explore our options for permanent or changeable installations that offer creative flexibility and long-lasting impact.

    A single "yes" can transform your space with love ❤️.